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hello welcome to black ops tips. im going to introduce myself. i am Roman (aka) (I_hax_u_4_fun) "my psn id" i play c.o.d black ops every day and i myself know a few tricks and tips for killing and from preventing myself from being killed but i am going to share them with you. read the following list for really helpfull tips.

                                  These are the three most basic Tips


1.allways be aware of youre minimap and surroundings.

2.if you camp it is recomended you move to another spot after 2-3 kills.

3.never and i mean never stay in the open !!


                                  These are some more tips for the battlefield


1.when someone is shooting at you go straight to prone FAST and shoot back!

2.know your timing when to go for a melee attack.

3.when they release the hounds never waste explosives, use the masterkey its an instant kill.

4.reload any chance you got!

5.when you wanna throw a grenade at a farther distance jump at the same time as you throw!


                Here are some good class selections and killstreak combos


       Set:1                                                                    set:2


primary:famas w/ grenade launcher                  primary:ak-74u w/grip and rapidfire

secondary:crossbow                                         secondary:crossbow or china lake

prim.grenade:frag                                             prim.grenade:semtex
tactical grenade:flash                                       tactical grenade:stun 

equip:tactical insertion                                     epuipt:camera spike

perk1:hardline                                                 perk1:scavenger

perk2:hardend                                                perk2:warlord

perk3:hacker                                                   perk3:hacker




i apoligize about the lack of info but it will be updated weekly but only if i get more information and tips so please send me an email if you have any tips or good class selections and il make sure to test them myself and then add them to my website thank you for visiting.